Preserve, protect, and defend

the Constitution of the United States of America

A brief look at the Post-Reconstruction history of the Democrat Party with Black America.
The low EQ of Democrats and other socialists explains the plethora of "unintended consequences" of liberal policy.
Did the Russians really influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election?
Recalling the only coup d'état in U.S. history.
Liberal policies have the effect of raping minority cultures in the United States; meaning, those policies insult, demean, and severely hurt those who they purport to benefit.
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This site examines the ideas and policies of Democrats, and other American socialists, and how their policies destroy American culture – with the most detrimental effects being felt by minority cultures in the United States.

We, at, decry the sell-out of the African-American and other minority communities to socialism; and, how Black America has abdicated its responsibilities in the freest nation on Earth.