About this site . . .

This site is not about me, J.D. Armistead. It's a site for and about us – Americans. Who I am is immaterial, save that I am an American who believes in the nation our Founding Fathers created.

We believe this country is comprised of (mostly) ambitious hard-working citizens. However, among us are some who do not know the meaning of work, of freedom, and do not believe in the foundations of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our mission is to educate the American citizenry about the cancerous growth of the so-called "progressive" movement in this country. It has long lost its true meaning and has become a white-wash of the efforts by Democrats and other Socialists to turn America into a less free, less open, more restrictive, centrally-controlled society.

On this site, we examine how the ideas and policies of Democrats, and other American socialists, are serving to destroy American culture – with the most detrimental effects being felt by the minority sub-cultures in the United States. We, at OneBlackAmerican.com, decry the sell-out of the African-American and other minority communities to socialism; and, how Black America has abdicated its responsibilities in the freest nation on Earth.

Our work is based on the following principles and precepts:

  • Freedom is the foundation of the U.S.A.
  • Our nation's first duty is the safety and security of its citizens
  • Our government exists to serve the people, not to be served by the people
  • All rights belong individual people
  • Government has no inherent rights; therefore, it cannot grant them – it can only grant privileges
  • Any rights of government are granted to it by citizens
  • 'Equal opportunity' and 'equal outcome' are not synonymous; government must focus on the former, not the latter
  • Education is not limited to that which is learned in colleges and universities (which are too often over-priced and overly pretentious)
  • 'Compassion' cannot be imposed upon a people
  • People, policy, and process may change over time; but, principles should never change – especially in America
We love this nation and consider it an honor and privilege to be American!