When government departs from its constitutional mandate, it is no better than the person who commits a crime because s/he believes no one will notice. When that same government recruits its court system to agree with the belief that the infraction is so petty that it should be ignored (or worse, decriminalized), it's acting like the criminal who employs an accomplice to stand watch. Just as criminals who get away with smaller crimes tend to move onto bigger and more risky ones, so too does government when it gets away with small infractions against its charter.

The criminal who continues to get away with crimes is emboldened and feels empowered to move on to bigger ones; sometimes even violent ones. They experience a sense of power through the commission of violent acts. Government is no different when it exercises new (and unconstitutional) powers against its own people through more onerous and repressive policies. For criminals, the crime is empowering. For the U.S. government, this same empowerment is experienced through control of its citizens.

Doing something that has no constitutional authority through the force of law is akin to rape. Rape is not a crime of passion, regardless how good it may make the perpetrator feel. Neither is pandering to minorities with a doctrine of “fairness,” regardless how good it makes those perpetrators feel. Rape and liberalism are crimes of power. The “power” both experience is a psychological power obtained through force. Those who commit such heinous acts do so because of a sick sense of power over the victim they experience. Yes, both can be described as psychologically unstable.

Liberal politicians want to give us minorities a “leg up” in society because they believe placing us into a situation where we receive some unearned gain with the promise of more when they feel we need it (and sometimes, even when we want it) is good for us. They do this to ensure they receive our vote in the next election. "After all," they think, "why would anyone vote for someone who'd stop a free paycheck, when they can vote for someone (me) who will continue it?"

As long as they hold the power, we are the victims. And the more we receive from them, the more assured they become that we will keep them in power. They’ve become intoxicated with power – often to the point where they hardly recognize us as human beings. We have simply become fodder for their rape mills while they give themselves decent paychecks, generous pensions, lifetime medical care, and any other perk they think they can dream up. And as long as they have that, they can feel good about themselves. It really doesn’t matter to them what their policies are actually doing to the minority communities in the United States.

There was a time in America when Black families (and maybe that’s the key – families) taught their children to be proud of themselves. Black parents taught their children they were at least as good as anyone else – even as good as the “White Man.” We were taught, by our parents, that we could do just as well in school as anyone. Character was instilled in us. We were taught that violence causes problems, not solves them. We were taught to get up when we fell down; to use our own brain; to rely on our own ingenuity; to become educated; and, that we could do anything to which we set our minds. We were taught that we didn’t need anyone else to hand us things – that we should work for what we wanted.

We were also taught that our intelligence was what would make a difference in our lives, not our skin color, our ethnic origin, nor our lot in life. In fact, some of us were even taught never to take a handout as long as we were capable of working and could earn for ourselves. As long as we were earning and supporting our own families through our own efforts, we could be proud of the work we were doing. Such honor gave us pride in our ability to hold our own in a market economy. It also earned us respect within our communities. But not today.

Today, most of Black America has sold out to liberalism. Liberalism teaches children of minorities that the government owes them something. Liberalism teaches that, because we were born into a minority group, we don’t have as good a chance of success as everyone else. Liberalism teaches minorities that when we fall down, it’s the fault of someone else and the “someone else” is to blame. Liberalism teaches that violence is a legitimate method of resolving problems. Liberalism teaches too many minorities that we don’t have as good a chance at obtaining an education as others because of our lot in life (we are Black, Hispanic, poor, female, grew up in a “bad” neighborhood, etc.).

Liberalism also teaches that skin color and ethnicity matter more than brains. Liberals preach that some jobs are just beneath us because we are minorities, and it is preferable to take a government handout than to resort to “demeaning” work. They tell us that we are “entitled” to handouts from the government, and to be proud that we don’t have to commit ourselves to doing “demeaning” work. For minorities today, honor is more about being loyal and true to the “gang” family and its rules (witness liberal reactions to any minority who dares question the validity of liberal policies!), even when those rules are immoral and/or illegal. And because such beliefs are so prevalent within minority communities, liberal politicians view today’s minorities as objects of desire, ripe for raping.

By the very policies they’ve enacted, it is apparent what liberals really want: to keep us as slaves to be raped at will. The U.S. Constitution makes no allowance for our federal government to commit such heinous and immoral acts. In spite of the manner in which liberals would like me to behave, I’m One Black American who refuses to be raped.