Campaign 2012: Are We Over 'The Black Thing' Yet?

The presidency of the United States of America is far too important to the world to be decided by silly surface nonsense such as race or gender. Never again can we allow the liberal media to select our president based on whose “turn” they think it is — Asian, Muslim, gay, lesbian, or whatever. …

Regardless of race or gender, we need the best American in the White House — someone who is “champing at the bit” to clean up Obama’s mess!”

~ Lloyd Marcus, “Campaign 2012: Are We Over ‘The Black Thing’ Yet?”

Lloyd Marcus is absolutely correct in his assessment of America and the whole “collective guilt” of past transgressions. Not only is it past time for the United States to get past its obsession with skin color, sex-preferences, age, looks, etc., those obsessions should never have existed in the first place.

This nation was founded on the principles of individual freedom; yet, our recent history is one of ignoring and moving farther away from those principles. As our federal government continues to behave more like a national government, it limits the freedoms of the American people; thus, weakening the greatest country in history. Too many people, especially minority Americans, are either ignorant of the opportunities a constitutional America offers, or they really are committed socialists. Americans have a choice in 2012: either elect a President who believes in the greatness of America, or one who desires to diminish her. was created in part to help inform Liberals —particularly those of color – how their blind faith to the socialist principles of the left is killing the very country that provides them their greatest opportunities.

Mr. Marcus’ column appears on American Thinker