For a party that likes to pride itself on its compassion, it is all-too-often typical of Democrats to act in rash fashion. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer fired most of the people in the Senate Democratic Media Center (DMC) just nine days before Christmas. Politico reports on it here.

The given explanation is about as solid as the surface of the sun. And that’s the problem with liberals. They have action planning all wrong. Instead of thinking first, they act first. They barrel ahead with a new idea without fully considering the effects their actions may have. When those actions manifest themselves in negative ways, Dems never admit error. They expect Americans to accept as valid, their premise that the idea was a good one. This is further proof they really don’t care about people – policy and process are more important. That’s why their policies are ALWAYS rife with “unintended” consequences!

If the mainstream media actually latches on to this story of callously firing people so close to Christmas, I can just hear the explanation now. Here's how One Black American believes Senator Schumer will amend his response: “It’s incumbent on us to create some of the more creative, buzzy, viral content. The current, existing DMC wasn’t built to do that. The fact that this happened during the holiday season is just an unintended consequence of the need for change.”

The lack of Emotional Intelligence in the implementation of their liberal policies only validates why the Democrats were defeated on so many levels during the election. And I’m One Black American who’s still smiling.