Governments across the nation have identified government-union largesse as major problems contributing to their budget woes. Those very same unions are pressuring Democrats, and other liberals they own, not to go along with efforts to regain control of their budgets. To prevent government officials from reigning in the onerous burdens of government-union benefits, the union-owned legislators (to date, only liberals) are deciding to avoid their legislative duties – some by physically leaving the states whose governments they are supposed to be managing. The actions of bought-and-paid-for politicians demonstrate their abdication of responsibility: to execute the duties they were elected to perform. Once again, we witness the danger of government unions.

Government deficits are not like teeth; meaning, if you ignore them they’ll go away. Government doesn’t produce anything for anyone. It can only take from those who produce. And in so doing, it neither knows nor cares how much pain it inflicts on those from whom it takes. No amount of protest can convince government it is doing wrong. To expect a government to have a conscience when taking and spending the money it confiscates, is to expect the impossible. Government, like any organization, has no soul to be damned. Having no soul, it has no conscience. Without a conscience, government cannot be held responsible for anything. Only individuals can be held responsible. It is the height of irresponsibility and arrogance for elected officials to run and hide when they are asked to account for their actions, and to correct past mistakes.

Elected officials who promote the unionization of government employees and the confiscatory policies of income redistribution programs are to blame for budget deficits. Combining government unions with income redistribution programs never fails to yield budget deficits. Spending taxpayer money on ever-higher wages, health care and retirement benefits (especially defined benefit plans), is arrogant recklessness.

The fact that more than half of all Americans are dependent on the U.S. government for at least some part of their livelihood is a sad commentary for the future of our nation. Government has promised to ‘provide’ for those who either don’t or won’t work; yet, it doesn’t need to. Government promises handouts to those who will accept them. It has even gone further by promising a “middle-class” lifestyle to those who would work in government.

Government employees should be expected to be responsible stewards in their positions. But, government unions preclude that. It is against the self-interest of any employee to willingly restrict his or her own salary and benefits. It is also irresponsible for any governmental entity to place financial burdens on the people it serves. Unions like to say their members have a right to higher pay and ever higher benefits, seemingly regardless of the ability of the employer to meet those demands.

And, therein lies the problem.

Even Theodore Roosevelt decried the unionization of government employees. His contention was that unions in government could not serve the best interest of the people the government represents.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that any American is entitled to the myriad of programs on which our government spends money. As long as government takes money from the productive and gives it to the non-productive, we should call it what it is: welfare. Best, however, to end our national welfare programs. That arena should be reserved for the purview of non-profits and fraternal organizations. Those organizations are infinitely more efficient than government, provide more service for the dollar, and encourage the capable and able-bodied to seek productive work. Government is and does none of those. Sadly, contemporary reasons are largely because of unions.

To become a government employee means going into government service. Anyone whose paycheck comes from a government entity is considered to be in government service. Unfortunately, for many a unionized government employee, working for government is viewed, erroneously, as a right. Working for a government entity must be viewed as an opportunity and a privilege. It should never be viewed as a career; and, it is certainly never a right. When government employees are allowed to collectively bargain for salary and benefits such as defined-benefit retirement pensions, they sentence the American taxpayer to future financial commitments. And it really is a sentence. They turn the American taxpayer into servants of the government. That is not the role of government, nor should it ever be. Unions in government can do nothing but work against the very purpose for which our government exists.

One Black American says it is long past time to bring back true government service, and time to rid governments in the United States of a grave wrong that has been forced upon the American people – government unions.