Canadian Family Fights to Keep Boy's Breathing Tube in Place

The one thing all Americans should fear is the role of government in decisions involving the removal of a breathing tube or other life-supporting device from patients. That decision should rest solely between the patient’s family and the family’s doctor. But, if the government does end up taking over health care in this country, we can expect that it will take a role life-care decisions. That is unconscionable.

The only two legitimate roles for government in health care are:

  1. Enact policies that encourage and promote free and open markets in health care: for patients, for providers, for insurance companies; and,
  2. Limit outside interference (e.g., overzealous lawyers) in health care matters

There is no constitutional role for the federal government to determine what procedures should be allowed, what's considered medically necessary, which provider to see, whether name-brand or generic medication is to be dispensed, or any other health or medical decision by American citizens and their doctors.

Chances are, the government will ruin this program before we get to the point where life decisions must be submitted for government approval. At the very least, the affectionally-named "Affordable Care Act" will prove to be anything but affordable.

The U.S. government has proven it is a poor manager - especially in administering social programs. With a well-documented history of ruining virtually everything it touches, why should any American trust our government with health care? Instead of "reforming" the health-care system through more government control, why won't the government ensure the health care industry is able to operate in a free market?

Every American should be free to determine what level of medical coverage s/he needs. Every American should be free to decide what coverage s/he doesn't want. Health care has never operated in a free market in the United States. Free markets work, when they are allow to work. One Black American thinks we should try that before we seriously consider giving government more control over health care decisions.

UPDATE: Although it took several months, 'Baby Joseph' (the child at the center of the linked article), was eventually transferred to a hospital in St. Louis, where the procedure requested by parents was performed. According to this CBC report, he died in his home on September 27, 2011.