Presidential candidate Herman Cain gets it. Why can’t the Dems?

In a statement on the debt ceiling negotiations, Mr. Cain states:

If the President and Congress fail to reach a compromise, it is not because the Republicans were not serious about cutting spending. It is because President Obama was not interested in a compromise that did not include taking more from the American people in the form of tax hikes.”

History has proven that hiking taxes reduces incentive for the private sector to invest and create. Government doesn’t create anything except poverty and dependence. What the federal government should be doing to alleviate issues surrounding the debt ceiling negotiations is creating an environment in which the private sector flourishes, not one in which the private sector is stifled.

The more money government confiscates, the less there is for the private sector to invest. Lately, the liberal mantra has been all about government doing the investment. Government doesn’t invest, it picks winners and losers. That’s not investment by any definition. If government, instead of a free market, mandates that Americans must use a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) instead of incandescent bulbs, then government has decided who wins (CFL producers) and who loses (non-CFL producers). Control of choice is taken away from Americans. The U.S. Constitution does not give the federal government that kind of authority. Freedom of choice is a basic tenet of the American economy.

The problem with Democrats and other liberals is they simply want the federal government to dictate everything. Maybe this is an effort to fulfill Obama’s campaign promise “to fundamentally change America.” However, fundamentally “changing” America means turning it into something it is not – a socialist state.

America was not created to be a sum of blended individual philosophies. America is that nation created by the U.S. Constitution. When politicians decide they don’t like constitutional requirements, the least they should do is be honest and admit that they want to change our form of government.

What the liberals in D.C. are now attempting to do is transform the duties of the United States government without changing the Constitution. Unfortunately for them, to legitimately undertake such a change requires modifying, or eliminating, the U.S. Constitution. That would be an untenable act for the majority of Americans. The Left knows this and thus, focuses their efforts on instituting change through court and administrative actions rather than legislation.

The most glaring fault of liberals is their severe lack of honesty and integrity. Their desires and actions are patently un-American. The least they should do is have enough integrity to admit what they are attempting to do: change America into a socialist state, giving government control over how we live. They should be honest about their desire to see the U.S. Constitution abdicated in its entirety. Instead, they hide behind platitudes. They know that real Americans are we who believe the U.S. Constitution created the greatest nation in history, and understand that socialism cannot legitimately exist under the our present Constitution.

One Black American understands that liberals may not truly be “anti-American,” but they are, from a constitutional standpoint, fundamentally un-American.